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We are a non-denominational sacred men's chorus from a wide range of professions, churches and communities in Northern Indiana, including Elkhart, Goshen and surrounding communities. We are patterned on The Singing Men of Oak Brook from Oak Brook, Illinois, who have been ministering in music for more than 30 years and The Singing Men of Central Wisconsin.

The Singing Men of Northern Indiana presented
Internationally known blind pianist, singer, composer Ken Medema in concert September 28th, 2019 at Beulah Missionary Church.

Lynn Andrews Solo with Ken Medema

Singing Men Choral Director-Jimmie Bennett
Accompanists-Bekah Scott, Mark Gledhill, Nancy Adams
     You can sign up to sing with The Singing Men of Northern Indiana by contacting me at

 Singingmenind@aol.com John Anderson
Next Practice, Thursday, January 20th, 2022, 7:30 PM at Trinity on JacksonĀ 
 2022 Concert on May 21st, 7 PM at Trinity On Jackson-Duplicate of 2019 concert in Oakbrook, Illinois at Christ Church of Oakbrook-Practice that day at noon, followed by Sunday morning service by group of 40 the next day at Trinity, 8:15 warmup

                      Here are Jimmy Bennett's List of arrangements he will practice with us on Thursday, January 20th, 2022, 7:30 PM and sung at Trinity On jackson on Sunday, January 30th.

  Directing Jimmy Bennett-Bekah Scott, Mark Gledhill, Nancie Adams--accompanists

Practice Schedule

 1.  Next Practice Thursday, January 20th, 7:30 PM at Trinity on Jackson, most Thursday nights at 7:30 PM
 2. Thursday, January 27th, Trinity on Jackson at 7:30 PM
Practices every Thursday night at 7:30. 3 additional practices will be scheduled the 3 weeks before the May 21st concert at Trinity, most probably on Saturday mornings  

Performance Schedule

Saturday, November 10th-9 AM Breakfast- 8:15 call concert Dress for Trinity Men's Group
Sunday, November 25th-McCoy Memorial Baptist Church- 6 PM, Sunday night service
Sunday, December 16th-6 PM Calvary Baptist Church Sunday night service  4:45 Call time   
Sunday, January 13th-Trinity Methodist Church- morning services at 9 AM, call time at 8:00 for warmup and practice     
March 2nd- Saturday, 1 pm concert at Hubbard Hill  11:45 AM call
Sunday, May 19th, Oak Brook, Illinois Spring concert at Christ Church of Oak Brook with The Singing Men of Oak Brook and 4 other men's choruses plus The Chicago Brass Band, 3 PM concert 12:45 PM call CDT                          
September 28th 4 PM Ken Medema concert at Beulah Missionary Church
December 7th 2:30, Christmas concert at Millers Merry Manor, Wakarusa, Indiana-cancelled 
Saturday, January 18th-South Bend First 7th DayAdventist Church-10 AM call 11 AM service
January 20th-Martin Luther King Annual holiday Celebration at River of Life Church
Saturday, Feb 22nd, River of Life Church, Black History Month-Tentative
Sunday evening, March 15th, McCoy Memorial Baptist Church, 5 PM call 6 PM service
unday, March 29th, St James AME Church, Call 3 PM, Sing 4 PM-
because of virus
Sunday, August 26th, Trinity On Jackson, 8:15 Call, 9 AM Service-cancelled
Saturday, July 18th-South Bend First 7th DayAdventist Church-10 AM call 11 AM service
Sunday morning Service, July 19th, McCoy Memorial Baptist Church, 8:30 AM Call, 9:30 AM Service-cancelled 
Saturday, November 21st-South Bend First 7th Day Adventist Church-10 AM call-International Day
Nothing scheduled

January 30th, Trinity On Jackson, 8:15 Call, 9 AM service. Red Singing Men ties, black pants and jacket


May 21st, 2022 Let Freedom Sing concert at Trinity On Jackson, 7 PM with Men's choruses fron Grand Rapids, Champaign/Urbana, Oak Brook and Hinsdale, practuce Saturday afternoon before the concert ______________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                        2021 and 2022

Friday, October 22nd, 2021-Hymn Sing with group from Bethel University-More information when it is available  

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