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We are a non-denominational sacred men's chorus from a wide range of professions, churches and communities in Northern Indiana, including Elkhart, Goshen and surrounding communities. We are patterned on The Singing Men of Oak Brook from Oak Brook, Illinois, who have been ministering in music for more than 30 years and The Singing Men of Central Wisconsin.
 This picture was taken on January 13th, 2019 after our singing in the service of Trinity Methodist on Jackson.  

Acting Choral Director-Jim Bennett
Associate Directors- Bret Deardorff
Accompanists are: Kirsten Smith, Nancie Adams and Peggy Powell
     You can sign up to sing with The Singing Men of Northern Indiana by contacting me at

 Singingmenind@aol.com John Anderson
Next practice Tuesday night, March 26th, 6 PM at Trinity on Jackson  
           First Church Performance Package                Funeral Arrangements
             Prayer Before Singing                                        Precious Lord                He Never Failed Me Yet
             Precious Lord
with Soloist                                Soon and Very Soon      Soon Ah Will Be Done
             Wade in The Water
with two soloists                Goin To The Holy City   Just A Closer Walk With Thee
             He Never Failed Me Yet
with soloist                  Peace Like A River        Great Is Thy Faithfulness
                                                                                     Day By Day                    Where Could I Go But to The Lord

  Second Church Performance Package

              Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying
              Order My Steps
Just a Closer Walk With Thee
              I Love You Lord

           Click on the title if the title is underlined to hear the arrangement

A word about The March 26th practice:

Here is the list for March 26th

 How Great Thou Art, Lord Listen to Your Children Praying,  Sweet Hour of Prayer,  Battle Hymn of The Republic, wade in The Water, and God Bless America for the May 19th concert in Oak Brook

  Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying is on the practice cd and can be listened to in the car if you have a cd player in your car. Many arrangements can also be listened to by clicking on the music listings page of this web site and clicking on the title if the arrangement is underlined. A practice cd of How Great Thou Art was handed out at practice to use in preparing for the May 19th concert. We have more copies for those who were not at the Feb 5th practice.

 Jim Bennett will be directing

Practice Schedule

Tuesday, 6 PM October 2nd, through November 27th, at Trinity Methodist on Jackson

Tuesday, 6 PM December 4th, at McCoy Memorial Baptist on St Clair Avenue

Tuesday. 6 PM December 11th and 18th at Trinity Methodist on Jackson

Tuesday, January 8th , through May 25th Trinity on Jackson  April 2nd in the chapel of Trinity on Jackson

Performance Schedule

Saturday, November 10th-9 AM Breakfast- 8:15 call concert Dress for Trinity Men's Group
Sunday, November 25th-McCoy Memorial Baptist Church- 6 PM, Sunday night service

Sunday, December 16th-6 PM Calvary Baptist Church Sunday night service  4:45 Call time                          

Sunday, January 13th, 2019-Trinity Methodist Church- morning services at 9 AM, call time at 8:00 for warmup and practice     
March 2nd- Saturday, 1 pm concert at Hubbard Hill  11:45 AM call

Dress,Gray pants, black or blue blazer/suit coat, white shirt and gold satin tie
                            Director Jim Bennett, Pianist Nancie Adams

April 9th, tentatively at Washington Heights Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio-cancelled

Sunday, May 19th, Oak Brook, Illinois Spring concert at Christ Church of Oak Brook with The Singing Men of Oak Brook

September Gideons Annual Indiana meeting

November-Elkhart NAACP Annual Fund Raising Dinner


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